Environmental monitoring is vital to protect our natural resources.  Regulatory compliance is greatest when there is a simple and cost effective solution. 

Since 2015 Ontoto has been designing and manufacturing data to cloud telemetry solutions for the environmental monitoring industry that are simple and cost effective.

The Ontoto solutions are designed and manufactured in-house, adopting the latest technologies to provide cutting edge devices.  Emphasis is placed on all our solutions being easy to install, cost effective, having a long technology and battery life and, most importantly, being reliable.

Environmental monitoring covers a wide range of applications, and the Ontoto range has solutions to meet:

  • groundwater monitoring
  • vibrating wire logging
  • water metering
  • weather and dust monitoring
  • flood monitoring
  • deformation and slip monitoring
  • tailings dam monitoring

Understanding that monitoring can be required anywhere in the world, our devices utilise NB-IoT and satellite communications.  No location is a barrier to provide immediate, reliable data.

Data and device management is our speciality.  The Ontoto Connect App uses Bluetooth connectivity for device configuration and firmware upgrades.  Ontoto’s Web Portal is a free and fully integrated cloud platform to manage your entire site including accessing data, configuring devices, managing alerts through to user management.

Ontoto is innovative, agile and customer focussed.  Our commitment to excellence and technological advancement has made us a trusted partner for companies across Australia.

Ontoto – providing world-class remote telemetry solutions to protect our natural resources.

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