Ontoto designs, manufactures and supplies ultra-low power, low cost telemetry data logging solutions. We have developed the firmware and hardware designs to suit the needs of Hydrogeologists and Environmental Scientists. All our products and services are designed in-house using emerging technologies and are designed to provide an all-in-one solution to fulfil all requirements in any location. Each data logger is capable of using an array of intelligent digital sensors, collecting sensor data at frequencies ranging from every minute to every year and utilises NB-IoT and satellite networks as methods for communication and data transmission.

Our data loggers come pre-configured (batteries included) ready to be installed. Our remote telemetry packages are a drop-in, turn key telemetry data logging solution designed to fit within a standard water bore monument with a single bolted connection. Logging and communications are supported with a comprehensive cloud monitoring platform.

Data is available in real-time through the web portal and the Ontoto Connect App. Your data can also be easily integrated into your projects thanks to our secure and simple to use Application Programming Interface (API). Your data can also be exported as a CSV file for use in a variety of other applications. Designed with redundancy in mind, a copy of your data is also securely stored to the device itself.

All this in a small, compact, cost effective solution.
Ontoto Greyhound IP68