Web Portal Base Stations

A base station is an individual data logger. In Base Stations you will able to see all your base stations which have been configured via the Ontoto Connect App during device installation. Here you can monitor the status of your base stations and battery. Moreover, you will able to edit info and update the configuration of your base station.

Terminology for Base Stations Status
Activethe data logger is transmitting data without any issue.
Data Faultthe data logger is transmitting data however with an issue such as sensor failure due to connectivity or damage.
Inactivethe data logger has not transmitted data for twice of a transmission period due to issues such as poor network connectivity, battery failure, network failure, water damage, etc.
Terminatedthe data logger has been cancelled by Ontoto.
Activation Pendingthe satellite data logger has been deactivated by Ontoto.
CS-Activation Pendingthe data logger has been sent by Ontoto for consignment stock.

Incoming Data Log

In incoming data log, you will be able to view the data information of the base station such as data packet, sensor data, rssi (Received Signal Strength Indicator) and battery voltage.

Edit Info

The device GPS coordinates set via the Ontoto Connect App can be viewed here. If the GPS location was not configured during device installation or an amendment is required, the GPS coordinates can be updated manually.

Update Configuration

In update configuration, you will be able to see the current configuration and update the device and vibrating wire sensor configuration.

Update Device Configuration

The device name, sensor reading, transmission period, and alarm settings of a device can be updated remotely.


The device can be programmed to immediately transmit when a sensor reading exceeds a predefined threshold. When the alarm has been triggered, it will latch (remain activated).
While the alarm is latched, the device will continue to transmit at the scheduled transmission frequency. Once the reading drops below the hysteresis threshold the alarm will unlatch and reset, allowing the alarm to trigger again.

The configurable parameters for each alarm are
High thresholdwhen the reading exceeds this value, the device will transmit.
Low threshold when the reading drops below this value, the device will transmit.
Hysteresisthe Deadband value to prevent the alarm from triggering. Cancel Pending Configuration

Cancel Pending Configuration

After sending the new configuration to the device the status will remain as “Pending Config”. The update will be sent on the next transmission of the data logger. If you want to cancel the configuration.


Cancel Pending Configuration is not possible in case of Satellite device. If you want to send new configuration, you need to wait until next transmission when the configuration will be updated then you can send another configuration.

Update Sensor Configuration

You will be able to update the sensor configuration only for vibrating wire data logger.