Web Portal Dashboard

In the dashboard, you will able to view your data, manage data and view reports, all in real-time.

CSV Generator

You will be able to create and download customize CSV file with your device data.


The device location can be seen, which has been set via the Ontoto Connect App during device configuration. 


You will be able to view the chart and download CSV file according to the sensor’s parameter. 

AWS Dashboard

AWS Dashboard is only available for Environmental Monitoring System. You will be able to view the real time live data in gauge charts, line charts, bar charts and statistics.

View/Add Data Source

A data source is a base station or BOM station. In View/Add Data Source you will be able to assign the base station to the site. All the base stations under this site will be listed.


View/Add Data Source can also be accessed via the Sites tab.

Configure Custom Chart

In  Configure Custom Chart you will be able to create group charts and place them in a single chart container. Single and group charts can be created for water level, static water level, static calibrated water level, temperature, rain, water flow, moisture, conductivity, salinity and TDS-KCL. Raw and calibrated values can be incorporated in the chart.

The charts you have configured can be viewed on the Dashboard as a line chart.


Configure Custom Chart Source can also be accessed via the Sites tab.