Here you will be able to see all your devices which have been configured via the Ontoto Connect App during device installation. You can monitor the status of your base stations and battery, to view the data, edit info, and update the configuration of your device.

Using Create Virtual Sensor the raw sensor readings can be post-processed to obtain derived parameters such as static water level, vibrating wire pressure, etc. for the corresponding data logger.

Terminology for Base Stations Status
ActiveThe data logger is transmitting data without any issue.
Data FaultThe data logger is transmitting data however with an issue such as sensor failure due to connectivity or damage.
No Recent DataThe data logger is transmitting without data due to issues such as sensor failure caused by connectivity or damage.
InactiveThe data logger has not transmitted data for two consecutive transmission periods due to issues such as poor network connectivity, battery failure, network failure, water damage, etc.
TerminatedThe data logger has been terminated by Ontoto.