Ontoto Announces their newest development in low-powered, telemetry logging

Telemetered data logging has seen significant acceptance for environmental monitoring, especially in the oil and gas industries.  Having the capability to monitor remote regions without having to travel to less accessible areas, navigate treacherous regions and provide protection to environmentally sensitive areas is an attractive and efficient way to manage your sites and the surrounding environment.  And being able to have all your data presented in a highly visual cloud based platform that is globally accessible means monitoring and reporting is easier and quicker.

Ontoto’s dataloggers are increasingly being located in areas that are prone to significant weather and environmental events.  The Ontoto equipment is operating in areas that see some of the highest rainfall in Australia, high flooding occurrences and bush fires.  Whilst it can be a challenge to keep equipment operational in these situations, it does provide the perfect environment to push the equipment to its limits and learn how to make it better, stronger, faster and more efficient.  And it’s not just the environments we can learn from … the practical experience of our clients and partners and listening to them is vital. 

So, we watched, monitored and listened and developed our newest datalogger, the Ontoto Greyhound IP68 Datalogger.

It’s the familiar Ontoto Greyhound Datalogger which provides ultra low powered performance and utilises the proven set up and functionality of the Ontoto Connect App but with some differences ….

  • There is no on/off switch … it’s just on!
  • It has a 15 year battery life
  • It’s 100% WATERPROOF

In addition the Ontoto Greyhound IP68 has an in-built atmospheric pressure sensor for in head correction rated at 100m submersion which enables flood monitoring as part of your suite of parameters. 

The fully encapsulated design means it is resistant to insect infestations making it maintenance free.  Easily one of the most robust dataloggers on the market, Ontoto’s Greyhound IP68 Datalogger will perform in the harshest conditions without the need for regular in-field visits.

The Ontoto IP68 range of dataloggers …. Seeing is Believing