Feature Description

The Ontoto Connect mobile app allows onsite management of the data logger to be undertaken wirelessly via BLE. There is no need to connect a laptop directly to the device. The Ontoto Connect Android and iOS application provides a gateway to communicate with the loggers and their data, providing customers with a fast and efficient way of initially installing and configuring their device and giving data insights at a glance. 

The key features

Configure the device name, sampling period, transmission period, and alarm threshold.

Available firmware updates can be downloaded from the Ontoto server and uploaded to the device.

The device will scan through each connected sensor. The measurements of each sensor and any detected errors will be displayed.

Tests for Satellite / NB-IoT connectivity and signal strength and displays any detected faults.

The location of the device will be updated with the GPS coordinates of the phone and transmitted to the Ontoto Web Portal.

The device stores all recorded data in persistent memory for redundancy and auditing purposes. The data log is processed into a CSV file.

While using the app, the debug log received from the device is automatically streamed to the Ontoto server, allowing for seamless debugging during deployment.

App Installation

To install the Android App or IOS version you can use the links below