Ontoto Connect App
The Ontoto Connect Android and iOS application provides a gateway to communicate with the loggers and their data, providing customers with a fast and efficient way of initially installing and configuring their device and giving data insights at a glance. 

Initial configuration of the logger is done at the site wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It is extremely easy to set up and customise your data logger wirelessly with Ontoto Connect, the free iOS and Android App. See your notifications via mobile phone with push notifications and visualise your data on the fly. 

Control your data from your web browser and mobile devices in real-time. Easily export the data as a CSV file to other software, such as SCADA and Excel. Integration with Ontoto’s API is easy and secure so you can reach your data anywhere at any time. 

In compliance with privacy and security, your data is stored safely via the cloud and the device itself, providing you with auditable data. 

Ontoto Connect App makes it quick and easy to keep track of your data loggers. View real-time graphs and reports with a click of a button.

To install the Android App or IOS version you can use the links below.