Ontoto Dataloggers – Retrofitting Vibrating Wire Loggers

Technology is continually being refined, updated and enhanced which in turn leads to equipment being redesigned and refined.  But this can lead to the problem of how to cost effectively install the new equipment. Will you have to replace cabinets or monuments? Will it fit into the existing site assets? 

Without even looking at your site Ontoto can provide the answer …. NO, you won’t have to replace existing cabinets or monuments. YES, Ontoto dataloggers will fit into any existing site asset. 

So, how do we know? 

Traditionally vibrating wire datalogging systems have been large with multiple components, such as the logger, the interface and large battery supplies. The Ontoto Vibrating Wire dataloggers contain only one unit with a lithium battery pack. Supplied with a DIN Rail mount, they are easily installed into any cabinet.