Feature Description

The Ontoto Web Portal is a free and fully integrated cloud platform that allows you to derive parameters, get statistics, generate reports and visualise your data, all in real-time. The Ontoto Web Portal allows our customers to view and manage their data even when they are away from their primary computer. Data is sent from the logger(s) to our MySQL database on a remote server and published with user/password security. The web-portal provides both real-time and historical data in table and graph format. Data can be downloaded from the web page in CSV format when required and can also be sent to a third-party SCADA system. In addition, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology data is included in the web-portal.

The key features
  •  Remote configuration for all devices, for example configuring sampling and transmission periods, alarm thresholds and firmware updates.
  •  View raw and derived data in customisable charts
  •  Custom charts can be configured to compare data between multiple data loggers
  •  Generate and send customised reports according to client requirements
  •  Data from grouped devices can be downloaded into a single CSV file
  •  Static water level from Australian Height Datum (AHD), Below Top of the Column (BTOC) and custom datum is derived by using the water level above sensor and dip info entered via mobile app
  •  Create and manage users
  •  Data forwarding to SCADA systems via FTP, SFTP and API
  •  Track and notify device health:

» Data fault detection
» Missed reporting cycle detection
» Device malfunction detection
» Site wakeup detection
» Device status and battery, signal strength


To get a full understanding of the functionality and ease of use that the Ontoto Web Portal offers, please contact us and we will be very happy to provide you with a full demonstration.