Ontoto Pulsar

Feature Description

The Ontoto Pulsar is a compact, lightweight, solarpowered pulse data logger designed for long-term remote telemetry applications. With satellite connectivity, the device can communicate in the most remote environments. The device accepts pulse inputs from a variety of sources such as flow meters and rain gauges. Utilising energy harvesting technology to optimise the energy extracted from sunlight, the device can operate in even low light conditions. With the Ontoto Connect App, the device is easily configured and deployed on-site. All devices can be remotely managed through the Ontoto Web Portal.

Ontoto Pulsar Satellite Water Metering

The Ontoto Pulsar can be fitted to any pulse water meter to provide remote telemetry monitoring. The simple, compact design, incorporating only one toggle switch, is easy to install and provides auditable data for the lifetime of the water meter.

Ontoto Pulsar For Tipping Rain Gauge

The compact design of the Ontoto Pulsar enables it to be fitted to any pulse tipping rain gauge. Once the installation is complete you can receive your auditable data directly to your computer with for the lifetime of the rain gauge.