The Ontoto Data Loggers can be configured to many sensors, however over time we have sourced and tested various sensors and recommend the following sensors for their reliability and stability.

Holykell HPT604 Submersible Water Level Sensor

The Holykell HPT604 is used for water level, water pressure and hydrostatic level measurement. Based on a 316SS fully sealed stainless steel housing design, it can be immersed in liquid for more than ten years.

Application :

  • Hydrostatic level measurement
  • Water pressure level measurement
  • Deep well and groundwater monitoring
  • Sea water level measurement and control
  • Irrigation equipment
  • Level measurement in pumping station
Holykell HPT915 Integrated Water Level Sensor

HP915 integrated three-parameter water level sensor is a new type of hydrological measurement sensor. Its shell is made of 316L stainless steel or titanium alloy. It can be exposed to harsher measurement media, which greatly improves the reliability and long-term stability. The internal integrates pressure, temperature, electrode sensors, it can measure water depth, water temperature and conductivity parameters at the same time.

Application :

  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Pollutant discharge monitoring
  • Aquifer storage and land restoration projects
  • Marine science experiments