There have been many effects of the pandemic around the world, one of which is the now global shortage of silicon and silicon chips.  The cause of this lack of supply is the perfect storm that has come from Covid restrictions on producers; higher demand for home electronic equipment; through to fires, droughts and blizzards in key production facilities.  This has meant that manufacturers globally are all trying to purchase the limited stock available.

The effect this is having on the market is many manufacturers just won’t be able to produce any stock.  But not at Ontoto!

Our ability to quickly redesign and produce our boards utilising alternate parts means we have stock now and will continue to have stock.  We currently have good stock of our Greyhound (NB-IoT) and Astro (Satellite) groundwater dataloggers, as well as our NB-IoT and Satellite 2, 4 and 8 channel vibrating wire loggers.  Ontoto loggers are small, easy to install and, importantly, cost effective.  Whether you have a greenfield site or are looking to update and retrofit an existing site, we can provide you with a solution.