Web Portal Sites

A site is the name you have chosen to identify the area where a group of dataloggers have been installed. You can then assign selected dataloggers to a site. A list of all your sites and their assigned base stations will be shown.

View/Add Data Source

A data source is a base station or BOM station. In View/Add Data Source you will be able to assign the base station to the site. All the base stations under this site will be listed.


View/Add Data Source can also be accessed via the Dashboard tab.

Configure Parameters

In Configure Parameters you will be able to edit parameter, set up FTP data feed configuration, create derived parameter and add dip.

Create Derived Parameter

The raw sensor readings can be post-processed to obtain derived parameters. such as static water level, vibrating wire pressure, etc. for the corresponding data logger.

Terminology for Select Function Name - Groundwater Data loggers
SWLstatic water level, which is the level at which water stands in a well.
SWLCALcalibrated static water level.
Vnotcha notch weir is any weir where the physical barrier is significantly higher than the water level except for a specific notch (often V-shaped) cut into the panel.
Terminology for Select Function Name - Vibrating Wire Data loggers loggers
Vibrating Wire Data loggerswhich contributes to measuring total pressure.


To update the sensor configuration for Vibrating Wire IP68 data logger click below.

Terminology for Select Function Name - Environment Monitoring System loggers
G6 SWLStatic water level, which is the level at which water stands in a well.
FDIFire Danger Index is a combination of air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and drought.
Pressure at MSLPressure at mean sea-level chart shows the direct relationship between pressure gradient and orientation.


DIP is the depth from measuring point to groundwater. In ADD DIP you will be able to view the DIP information received via the Ontoto Connect app during a field visit and add Static Water Level Arguments.

Terminology for DIP
Datuman abstract coordinate system with a reference surface. It could be Natural Ground, Collar, Mean Sea Level, Australian Height Datum (AHD), Australian Height Datum (Tasmania), V-Notch, Custom Datum.
Stick upthe length from datum to the measuring point.
DIPthe length from measuring point to the surface of groundwater.
Water Level Above Sensorthe height of water above the sensor.

FTP Data Feed

In FTP Data Feed  you will be able to transfer particular parameter data in a CSV file by completing required fields and turn it on.

To know how to  create FTP Accounts click below.

Configure Custom Chart

In  Configure Custom Chart you will be able to create group charts and place them in a single chart container. Single and group charts can be created for water level, static water level, static calibrated water level, temperature, rain, water flow, moisture, conductivity, salinity and TDS-KCL. Raw and calibrated values can be incorporated in the chart.

The charts you have configured can be viewed on the Dashboard as a line chart.


Configure Custom Chart Source can also be accessed via the Dashboard tab.