VW Calibrations

This allows you to add or update VW sensor calibration values in the system to obtain the pressure data for each sensor.

Create a VW Calibration

  1. Go to the Ontoto Web Portal.
  2. Click on Settings in the menu bar and select VW Calibrations.
  3. Click on Create VW Calibration.
  4. Enter physical sensor serial number.
  5. Select a equation.
  6. Enter F₀, T₀, Cₜ, and Cₚ.
  7. Click on Device and enter the device name.
  8. Select the device and sensor.
  9. Click on Choose File to attach a calibration sheet for that sensor.
  10. Click on  Create VW Calibration to create, or Create & Add Another to create another one.
  11. Pressure data will be available for the corresponding sensor, refer to Devices to view the chart.