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When Ontoto started developing data loggers in 2015 true remote telemetry devices did not exist.  Transmission of data via phones was around but no one had designed a data logger that would read the sensor and transmit the data to your desktop.  Ontoto’s Managing Director, Tim Blake, decided it was time for that to change.

At first there was one logger in the range, the Greyhound.  Built to log groundwater, it utilised 2G, could only be used for level sensors and, unknown at the time of designing, only had a 2 year technology life. 

In 2019 the range had expanded to three main products to provide logging of groundwater, vibrating wires and environmental monitoring.  Now utilising 3G and 4G, this was pretty impressive growth in development of products, but at Ontoto we never sit back and take a rest. 

Jump forward to 2021 and our range is impressive:

Groundwater Monitoring

  • Ontoto Greyhound via NB-IoT
  • Ontoto Astro via the Iridium satellite network

Vibrating Wire Loggers

  • Ontoto Vibrating Wire via NB-IoT
  • Ontoto Vibrating Wire via the Iridium Satellite network

Water Metering & Tipping Rain Gauges

  •  SatMag logger for water metering on the Siemens MAG8000 via the Iridium Satellite network
  • Ontoto Pulsar for tipping rain gauges and water meters, solar powered and via the Iridium Satellite network

Environmental Monitoring

  • Weather and dust monitoring, via the 4G network and solar powered

All this development has taught us many things about how to design our devices.  They should be easy to install and use; they should be cost effective; they should have a long technology life; they should have long battery life; and, most importantly, they should be reliable.  The current standard telecommunications network cannot guarantee reliability of coverage across Australia, let alone across the world.  Many of our clients are operating in areas that are remote and do not have cellular coverage.  This is why the Ontoto devices are all designed with satellite connectivity.  It is the only way for us to guarantee our clients can get their data to their desktop from anywhere in the world, and it offers a solution with longevity.  We have also ensured that the costs of our satellite solutions are comparable to cellular costs.

We are extremely proud of our products and the customer service we offer.  Our team is always ensuring our products are cutting edge and maximising the technologies available.  So check out our website and contact us to discuss how Ontoto data loggers can get you your data, anywhere. #ontoto, #dataloggers, #vibrating wires, #remote telemetry, #satellite